Four months have passed already! My time at SCH is completed. I said my farewells, I have packed most of my belongings and souvenirs (I hate packing) and am spending this beautiful Sunday evening with my roomies. My flight leaves at 4am., Monday morning (Sunday evening, 6:30pm, American time). My heart is torn between rejoicing in the thought of, “home,” but also not wanting to leave the beautiful people in India.

 I am so very grateful and blessed to have been given this opportunity. Let me just say, it has changed me. It has changed my life! The beautiful memories made, the struggles I have encountered, the unbelievably hot Indian days (and all the hot nights of little sleep), the many Churches I’ve been blessed to see, etc., all play a huge part in this whole experience. I came here not really knowing who I was or who God made me to be; now, four months later, I come home different. I am me! I am more at peace and comfortable in life than I have been, since my mom died. 

Yet I come home with fears and anxiety, about how well or how quickly I will adjust to culture again. So much has changed in how I think, how I make decisions, etc. because of where I have been. I know I will have struggles in America. I’m already overwhelmed. I will be different. I will need time. 

If you reach out immediately, I may not respond right away. Don’t be offended or worried, it’s just me adjusting and being with family. I may not enjoy things I did before…in the same way. Sharing my stories and adventures with friends and family, will take time and processing. I think even the food, or amount of food, I eat will be very different than before. Surprisingly, I want a HUGE salad more than a burger (I’m sure I’ll eat one pretty soon anyways). These are just some things that people may not think about, if they’ve never experienced a third world country or extended mission trip somewhere. But these are all good and amazing things to experience! 

I am excited to see friends, to hold new babies and the babies I always nanny. I am excited to take a HOT BATH. Maybe some candles and a good book will even be involved! I am excited to go to Mass at St. Francis and Liturgy at St. Nicholas Byzantine parish. I am excited to drive again. I can’t wait to hear the peepers in the fields and see the horses behind our house. To not be afraid of the dogs on the streets or to have buffalo holding up traffic. I am excited about so many things! Above all, I am excited to see what plans the Father has for my future. Where will He lead me next?

Thank you for following along on my journey. Thank you for your prayers, donations, well wishes, etc. All of your support has gotten me to this point today. Please pray for safe and quick travels. Pray for the current and future volunteers at SCH, who make it possible to keep these children here. Of course, pray for these children. They pray every day for their forever family to come and find them. Pray with them, that all children may be placed into homes of love, happiness and health! 
Blessings and well wishes from India! + 


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful journey with us…I can’t wait to see where He leads you next! God bless! Love ya! Chris is Risen!


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