“Here I am before you, falling in love and seeking your Truth. Knowing that your perfect grace has brought me to this place. Because of you I freely live, my life to you, Oh God, I give. So I stand before you, God. I lift my voice ’cause you set me free. So I shout out your name. From the rooftops I proclaim, that I am yours.      I am yours!”                                                          

                                                                               Jesus Culture-Rooftops

I have arrived! Over a week has already come and gone. The days have melded together. I remain overwhelmed. I have so many thoughts. So many emotions. So many insecurities. I also have a deeply abiding joy and peace. Praise God!

This past week has was full of “firsts” for me. Some big ones are:

I flew my first international flight alone…across the other side of the world. šŸŒŽ āœ”

I bought indian Kurtas (the traditional daily wear for indian women) which we wear too. āœ”

I experienced my first auto ride (I found it nerve wrackingly fun). āœ”

I am eating a lot of unusual foods, for me (texture has been a struggle…taste is amazing!). āœ”

I am venturing out further and further from my house, alone. āœ”
The children! My heart is so full. These beautiful sons and daughters of the Father, have brought such happiness into my life. I am overwhelmed. It has only been one week, yet at times, I feel like I’ve known these souls forever. God is so good. The welcome I receive each morning nearly brings me to tears. 

The beginning of this past week was full of nervousness and being utterly overwhelmed…in the best way. Everything is new. Everything is foreign to my usual way of life. There is so much I need to adjust to. Pray, with me, for an open heart to the stretching work of the Lord. 

I struggle with feeling underqualified to help and love the kids I have been asked to work with. My first few days were more fear of not “being enough,” than anything else. I lost sight of my focus on Christ being the one that is “enough” for them. I am mearly a vessel, carrying His love and light to the world.  Thankfully, today at Mass, I feel like everything started coming back into focus. 

There is more in my heart, but for now it needs further pondering and prayer, before I can share. Know of my continued prayers for all of you, back at home. Have a blessed week! +


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Beautiful reflection. As a mother and wife of 10 I often feel overwhelmed and also fear not being enough. You’ve just reminded me that it is Christ who is “enough” for all of us!

    May God continue to be with you on your journey! ā™”

    –Jessica Archuleta


  2. What a joy to follow your journey! May Our Lord bless you & His precious children you are serving! Much love & prayers sent your way…& an extra squeeze from Uriah! šŸ™‚


    1. Ahhh, your entry was too short! lol! Looking forward to your upcoming entries and following this amazing journey God has laid out for you. Love you and God bless! ā¤


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