Step one: Apply for a Visa.

The process to go to India has begun. I have applied for a visa to India! Now I must wait, patiently, for the consulate to process and file my application. As soon as it comes in, I will have a visa and the ability to head to India. Even though I am not planning on leaving until after Christmas, I have started the process already, because it can take a few months for the entire visa application to go through.

Now that that is done, I have many thoughts. I am excited to see what the Lord has called me to, in this mission trip. I cannot even begin to imagine what He has planned for me…but my heart is joyfully open to hearing and following His voice!

I see pictures of the babies and kids I will be blessed to work with, I see images of the women I will work alongside and I am encouraged. I see true love. Sacrificial love. I am excited to go to India and serve alongside these women, who have given up months of their lives to love and be loved. What better way can our Lord show us His love than through little children?!

I have always desired to serve in India, with orphaned children in particular. The Lord has made it clear that He is giving me the gift of fulfilling this desire that is rooted deeply within. How many times did I give up on this desire? How many times did I chicken out and make excuses to myself and the Lord on why I can’t go? Now, the Lord is being very clear whenever I try to come up with excuses…now is the time. The Lord wants to grant me this desire!

Sarah’s Covenant Homes (SCH) has recently updated their website and it now has many more pictures and stories. Please go and check out their site. It will not only help you to see exactly what I will be doing and who I will be serving, but you will also be touched yourselves. This ministry is a beautiful thing and there are so many ways that you can reach out to help in their mission. They need prayers, donations and help from here, as well as the help from those who travel to India to serve.

The Facebook link for SCH is here.

The website link is here.

Thank you! Please remember myself and all who aide SCH, in your prayers.


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